About Us

We strive to create a community for women. 

It can be difficult to be a field dominated by men. We provide a social and academic space for the female students of the Department of Computer Science so that they can be successful and feel more comfortable as they process through this male-dominated field.

Of the 2,000+ students studying computer science at the University of Maryland, only 20% of them are women (as of Fall 2016). Our goal is to see this percentage increase while also providing the women already in computer science with the community and resources needed to succeed. 


  • General Body Meetings: or GBMs. With increased membership, our GBMs have been exciting! We use general body meetings to let everyone know what is coming up later in the month and address any other matters.

  • Tech Talks: to help our girls get prepared for their careers. Last semester we had AWC alum Alexa Greenberg return to talk about her experience at Google. We plan to have more tech talks and interview prep for next semester.

  • Casino Night: our annual fundraiser. Professors serve as card dealers for blackjack, poker, roulette, and craps. Students come to play with "funny money" to try and win awesome prizes! Check here for more information on Casino Night 2018.

  • Dress Week: a week where our girls wore dresses. This event was inspired by this article, and the point of this week is to let all women in CS know that you don't have to sacrifice your femininity to be taken seriously in this field. Your own ability will earn you respect, and if it doesn't, make them respect you! After all, women and computer science are not mutually exclusive.

  • Board and Brew nights: hosted at the Board and Brew on Rt. 1. Girls were invited for an evening of relaxation with unlimited board games and a free drink for the evening. A regular event of ours, it serves as a great way for girls to get to know each other outside of the classroom.

  • Grace Hopper Conference: where we sent over 80 girls to Orlando, Florida to attend this event in October 2017! This conference is a celebration for women in computing and connects women from all around the world each year. Students attended workshops, listened to speakers, and even networked with various companies!

Upcoming Event

JP Morgan will be hosting a talk on the basics of data science on Wednesday November 14 at 5:30pm at Stamp. No experience in data science is necessary. This is a great way to network and opportunity to see if data science is for you! Dinner will be provided. 

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